Indy... was there ever a chance?


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Jul 5, 2013
In all seriousness... was there ever a legitimate window of opportunity for FarSight to have done Indy, prior to the Disney sale?

TPA launched to Android and iOs in February of 2012. The Disney/Lucasfilm sale wasn't announced/finalized until October 2012.

I know FarSight likely had no way of knowing that a Lucasfilm sale to Disney would put the ultimate kibosh on Indy for pretty much ever, but is there any chance if they had chosen to target Indy as their first Kickstarter instead of Twilight Zone... could it have happened?

The price tag would have required a Kickstarter, but they later dealt with Paramount on Star Trek and Addams Family, so studio access wouldn't have been much of an issue before the sale to Disney. Actor likenesses, audio, and music would have been hefty price tags, for sure.


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Jul 21, 2012
Well and the fact that Disney not even answered the phone let alone speak to Farsight about the possibility of doing the license. So slim to none and slim already left town at that moment


Jul 9, 2012
It’s all speculation at this point, but I would think that acquiring an “Indy” license at any time —- either before or after the Disney purchase — would have been an astronomical undertaking. We’re probably talking about a Kickstarter campaign as big as the “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “The Addams Family”, and the “The Twilight Zone” combined!

Granted, TPA was generating a lot of excitement at that time, so they *still* might have pulled it off if it had been the very first Kickstarter.

Obviously, we’ll never know now ...

(I still think it’s possible that FarSight could reacquire the Williams/Bally licenses one day under the banner of a new product. But that license will probably come with the proviso of no cabinet support for the tables. So I doubt that the excitement and enthusiasm will be there to support a Kickstarter of this magnitude.)


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Mar 14, 2012
I don't believe Indy was ever in the cards.

I'm sure they contacted Paramount about it, possibly at the same time as inquiries for Addams Family. But Paramount was only the distributor, LucasFilm held the rights. And yeah, that sale to Disney just as TPA got going meant nothing could even be thought of happening until the dust settled. Meanwhile Zen had already had a deal with LucasFilm for those original 9 Star Wars tables, so they never had to fight to get Disney on the phone. And yet even with that contact, why hasn't Zen tried making an original Indy table? Probably because it involves movie rights, Ford's likeness and or voice (SW owns the actor's images for whatever use because of initial contract, sure he didn't sign the same for Indy), and that score which Zen obviously hasn't been paying for as of late.

No, that table is a white whale. If or when someone snatches up the WMS/Bally license, if they wanted to make a definitive splash into relevance, that'd be the table to do it with.


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Apr 12, 2014
I don't get it. It's a chance for them to make more money, like, why not?! They think their product is too good for digital?

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