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Apr 14, 2012
gameplay video ( Insider)

New from developer Shine Research is Babylon 2055 Pinball. You might remember them from their earlier effort, Quantic Pinball (Pinball Arcade Fans thread), which was released late last year. Babylon builds on the same foundation, but adds quite a bit more. This is certainly on the digital side of "digital pinball", and it doesn't really feel like a real pinball table. Having said that, it's still pretty good.

There are lots of tables, and you can unlock them one at a time, either by playing well, or by playing often. If you can't beat the next table, it'll unlock for you automatically after playing it ten times. And in each of the tables, there are plenty of different modes that you can play, including some where the view is occluded (see screenshots below). There's a Fog mode, where there's fog that covers the screen, and a pretty neat mode called Black Lines. In Black Lines mode, the view of the table is blocked out, except for a small portion immediately surrounding your ball. Or, if you've got a multiball going, you'll see this subset around each of your balls. It's quite frantic, and it's pretty fun. There's a Whirlwind-type spinner on some of the tables that throws your ball around chaotically, and there's even a mode where the flipper controls are inverted, which is jarring and wild, and very very challenging.

Black Lines mode (iPhone 5)

See this in action here. (hat tip to maximumandroid)

Fog mode (iPhone 5)

See this in action here. (hat tip to TheOutlanderGaming)

Obviously this isn't the best pinball you can get, but it's better than most. And if you enjoyed their earlier offering, or other fixed-view digital-style pinball games like Monster Pinball HD (iOS: Universal) or Multiball Pinball (iPhone, iPad), give this one a shot. It's pretty not bad.

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