Issues to be fixed please?


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Dec 30, 2013
Hi all I send the folllowing mail to pinball arcade on the issues I face with pinball arcade on the OUYA:

Buildnr.: 1.2.771_r1
Software version: 1.0.11

Hello pinball arcade,

First of all I would like to mention I'm a big fan of pinball arcade, but with the latest season 3 upgrade I face alot of issues.

- known issue: I can't Login, when trying to select "login" the game crashes, so not able to do a tournament
- known issue: when playing with two or more players, known issue to select "continue" with the touchpad, would be great to use the normal button instead the touchpad for this one functionality
- New issue: when playing with two or more players, when it is the 2nd players turn, you press "continue" with the touchpad, but by doing this, the game almost tilts immeditately, the ball "falls" from the table and it automatically launches the ball?! Plus fe. Attack from Mars, the flying saucer gets partially out of the screen, moves weird over the screen. As if we bounced against the pinball table very hard? I also experienced during the a sudden tilt !? I did not touch anything ?! It's no fun at all anymore whilst I paid almost 30 dollars to play the game on my OUYA ?

And by the way, I'm not a fan of the flipper changes on R1L1. Let the gamer choose what they want, make it an option I would say.

I hope you take this seriously, We can't play the game without any issues now, no fun at all.

Thanks for your reply in advance.
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May 24, 2013
I just noticed you posted about the same bug I have experienced with 2 player, using the touchpad to click continue makes the game tilt and do other crazy things. Was there a time on Ouya that using the touchpad to click continue worked without causing the tilt? I just got my Ouya so I have only ever used the most current version of TPA.

You havent come up with any creative workarounds for this have you?

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