Bug Judges are now always Adam, Linda, and Keith, and they never change.


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Jul 6, 2012
I'm sorry to report that I'm afraid I've actually found a NEW bug in our old pal Cirqus Voltaire. Not sure if this began in this latest release (3.8.0) or not, but it appears that the judges are now always the same three judges for every game: Adam, Linda, and Keith. It used to be that they would change every game. Now it's always those three. NOTE: This is not an issue with the ROM's random number seed always starting at the same number (i.e. Rudy in Funhouse always calling you "Biff" for the first game and then changing names for you in subsequent games), in three straight games without a ROM reset, the judges were always Adam, Linda, and Keith, and their faces and judging propensities (some judges are harder than others) were always the same as well.

Discovered this on an iPad 4, running iOS 7.0.x.
Recurrence: Apparently 100%
To re-create: Start at least one of the tasks on the board that triggers "judging" (say, the Ringmaster), and then drain a ball.


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Mar 14, 2012
They have known about it for quite a while, don't know if they a) view it as a problem, or b) know why the ROM is behaving like this. Still, can't hurt to wave the flag once more and point to it.

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