Just recently started playing this game


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Mar 22, 2013
I had not played TPA for quite a while, then recently decided to get a new table or two to spark my interest. I play on iOS on an iPad.

I find this game fun, seems very similar in theme to Eight Ball Deluxe, which was older (I think). The twangy voices are funny and I always like pool-themed tables. I can see where the play might get repetitive, and I did read some tips on here that should help with higher scores.

Is it just me or have prices gone up significantly the last several months? I noticed all the current-season tables are $5 each with no discount for multi-table purchases. That was one of the big reasons I got this table, it was cheaper. I did get it bundled with El Dorado, although sort of wish I hadn't, as I find El Dorado incredibly boring (nothing but a bunch of drop targets).

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