Kudos, Farsight - great reproduction

David Smith

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Feb 28, 2012
White Water is one of my favourite pins of all time, and I've played hundreds of games on dozens of real-life machines. Farsight did a bang-up job reproducing this one. It's terms of gameplay, it's spot-on even in some of the smallest details. The difficulty of the insanity falls / bigfoot bluff ramps is just right (even attempts after failing the ramp feel right). I love the variability in the kickout from the Lost Mine. All the shots feel just right. The extra ball target is a difficult drain monster (as it should be). I can probably shoot Boomerang Bend more consistently than I can on a real table, but that's also the most frustrating shot in the game so I consider that a plus :)

I haven't come across any major bugs after a few hours of gameplay. The worst I've seen is that shots to Bigfoot Bluff with the Whirlpool lit occasionally don't get diverted to the whirlpool (but that can happen on the real machine too). And it looks gorgeous (on my iPad 3 at least) -- I don't get the complaints that it's too bright (unless you've only played dirty ones in the field, I guess).

Kudos, Farsight! More like this, please.

Storm Chaser

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Apr 18, 2012
+1 on this. I have probably used 50% of my posts to complain about bugs etc so it's time they get kudos when they do things right. This game is great! I had expectations as well, since this is also one of my favorites.


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Apr 12, 2012
I've enjoyed this table some but most of my time on this collection has been spent on Space Shuttle.

This pack represents major improvements in the communication between FS and the Beta program and the community in general.
They've been working hard at implementing a lot of the suggestions (new beta has some exciting new features by the looks of it so I can't wait to get my hands on it).

A lot of improvements on older tables, physics tweaks etc.

I've never played WH20 ever in any way until now so I can't comment on the authenticity and I need to take you guys' word for it. But it's nice to see the props start to come their way as well.

Matt McIrvin

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Jun 5, 2012
I wasn't familiar with White Water until now, but it strikes me as a really fun table. This is a great table pack all around.


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Feb 14, 2013
Most real life WH2O games it's safe to EITHER dead bounce the lost mine OR to cradle it by holding the right flipper up.. on this particular version, the correct move at least on iOS is to hold up the right flipper and collect 2 free river letters. :)

leaving the flipper down is a huge crapshoot and causes a ton of drains.

i dont like the way the ball comes off the rail from no way out. It should follow the flipper, or at least does on every one i played in real life.


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Sep 11, 2013
This table is a great example of taking a theme that may not immediately lend itself to a pinball machine and creating a fun, intelligent, and extremely rewarding game. Of all the tables in TPA that I have never played their physical version, this may be the one I would like to play the most.

BigFoot HotFoot

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Apr 3, 2015
I high scored a 982,000, finally breaking the high score the game came with by 200,000. I started getting pictures taken every time I went over a falls. It's a lot of fun getting there. Best table so far.


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May 4, 2012
I have played the real life counterpart. It is HARD. And brutal.
I played it tons and tons back in the 1990s and had a high score around 3.1B. It was pretty hard but I didn't top that score on TPA until pretty recently. It's an all-time favorite, and I hope no one gets too offended if I opine that the TPA version really doesn't come too close to the real game. The Vacation Jackpot was sort of spectacular back then, but maybe a little overrated.


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Nov 6, 2013
Except for whirlpool grinding, I think the TPA version does come pretty close to the real game. In the TotM tourney without grinding, I did just about as well as a typical game on a real machine.

It's weird how much fun this table is despite how many things it does wrong. Deadly bumper area worse than TZ's famous hellhole. Wildly unbalanced scoring, with those multiball jackpots especially at 5X. Clunky wizard award, where you have to complete everything else then start multiball. No diversity in modes or stacking or strategy, all the rafts grind and play the same. Yet it totally drives you to keep playing, because next time you know you'll get those 5X jackpots (you won't, but you know it anyway.)

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