Laser light show messed up in latest update


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Oct 7, 2014
With today's update, my SPA table purchases finally came over to TPA on my Android tablet, so I was excited to try them.

Star Trek is great, but I found a few weird issues:

1) Subject of this thread, when the laser light show starts for Klingon Multiball, the entire central table periodically flashes black for like a frame or two, maybe. This continues until Klingon Multiball ends, so it's clearly related to the lasers.
2) The warp ramp is waaaaaaay easier to hit than it was in SPA. In a short game, I got up to warp 9.9 twice! The ball seems to slow in the upper right corner when it's going around the ramp which I guess is what is making it easier to make the timing. I don't recall it doing this in SPA and I don't recall if this behavior matches the real table.
3) In/out lane LEDs: sometimes these match the color of the active mode, sometimes they are a pale white during an active mode (noticed this with the turquoise lights of Destroy the Drill).

The laser light bug is the most distracting, especially since it's during a multiball mode.