Love the music on this table


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Sep 9, 2013
Am I the only one? I love the energy that the soundtrack gives out, and it fits the theme perfectly. For me it's probably one of the most immersive themes thanks to the music - I really feel like I'm in the wild west. Being one of the latest 90s tables, the music is really good quality, too.

Every so often I'll be cycling through the tables and stop on it, and as soon as the multiball music plays I think "Yeah... just one game." It has that effect on me.


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May 29, 2012
Yeah, me too! It has a very energizing feeling of adventure to it. Very powerful tunes.

Hard to believe the composer worked on barely anything else! But given that Cactus Canyon was the last "proper" table before Williams started Pinball 2000, that´s not too suprising, sadly.

Really, everything about it is fantastic. The colorful an imaginative table art, the incredible amount of voice samples, the shots... It just puts me in a good mood!

I think the only table in the current TPA selection that comes close in just hitting the right mood is White Water (by Chris Granner). Other soundtracks like ToTAN, TM or Scared Stiff are brilliant as well, but White Water and Cactus Canyon just hit a specific soft spot for me - I just love upbeat, adventure-style themes!


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Apr 12, 2012
I love cactus canyon. I think I could probably place it in my top 5. I haven't played it in a bit so I'm due for some quality time with it. I love the music and the sound package. The theme is well used and the table has a lot of neat shots. It's also a pretty challenging table.

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