New, extensive, update out: new menus/UI, lots of polish, fixes


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Oct 9, 2018
Earlier today, Magic Pixel released their new table for Zaccaria Pinball, "Wood's Queen 2019" (a remake table), and along with it, they released an extensive update on Steam that really added the polish that seemed to be missing from the game.

The menus were all redesigned, and they are simple, but look great.
A lot of tables received bug fixes, and on my PC, I'm getting faster loading times.
They also added customization options, in terms of backgrounds and elements.

I was unaware that such an extensive update was coming out soon, so when I launched the game to try the new table, unaware of the changes, I was very impressed with what I got.
Compared to the other big pinball games, Zaccaria Pinball always felt a bit more "amateurish", and low budget, lacking in polish, despite offering a more extensive number of customization options.
Well, no more. For such a small team, they really did an awesome job with this new update. The game looks better, plays better, and it just feels like a much more polished product.

For those who haven't tried out the game in some time, give this new update a look.
It's well worth it. And, for those who are yet to try the game, the remake tables the team has been releasing, in which they take the "motifs" of the original tables, and apply a different, more modern playfield to them, are a lot of fun.

Their announcement on Steam has more details on the changes made:


Jan 30, 2013
Yeah I was pleasently surprised too! Looks much better and much easier to find stuff and switch between settings and added stuff like volume adjustment for menu music that I was missing before.


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Jan 14, 2016
This update is great, it's a lot clearer what is going on and there are fewer clicks to navigate around with keyboard only. Picked up the starter pack on sale on Steam yesterday, it's an even better bargain right now with the summer sale discount.

I'm personally really excited for the new Zaccaria build to come to Android!

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