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Jul 14, 2012
Hello everyone:
For some reason I am obsessed with this table and apperently became Grand Champion? WLB-1,103,630,020 Beating NMW 1,041,320,090 on the PS3 network/platform?? How accurate are the standings, overalls and all-time? Most of them seems to be recorded on a mobile device- The standings I am most curious of is my own personal standings and scores across all tables- willdog4life on ps3 network-


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May 31, 2012
Congrats on making the billionaire club. You are probably just looking at the local leader board that lists five preset scores. Go to the leader board menu option not the high score option. You will see many, many scores over 5 billion. The top score on the mobile leader boards is over 24 Bil.

Also, welcome to the forum.
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