Bug No Ball Search after LITZ


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Feb 2, 2013
Platform: iOS (all other platforms should be affected as well; this is an issue presumably present in the original ROM)

Version: Current TPA version (Ghostbusters release)

Issue: Ball search does not happen if a ball is stuck and can't be located during the post LITZ drain/gumball load phase. There also isn't sufficient time to Call Attendant before the game ends the reload phase and drops a ball into the plunger lane. Plunging this ball leads to an instant drain no matter what's hit, because TPA stays in the plunger view with flippers disabled. The game remains in this state until all remaining balls have been plunged and drained. New games started at this point (without a table reset) start with the stuck/missing balls not present in the machine/missing from the Gumball Machine.

Steps to replicate: Catch a ball under the top right flipper during LITZ and allow it to remain there when LITZ ends. The game will not release the ball and will not start ball search.

Recommendation for Solution: Update TZ to use the 9.4H home ROM, with the LITZ CHEAT and MUTE & PAUSE adjustments set to OFF, and all other adjustments on their current settings. This should keep the gameplay exactly as it is now to not invalidate previous leaderboard scores, while also fixing this bug and a few others present in the original ROM.
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