iOS - Bug No score limit; wrong instructions (iOS)

David Greene

New member
Sep 25, 2012
Played the free trial of Gladiators. There doesn't seem to be a score limit as I am able to get a score high enough to be on the high score table, which shouldn't happen until I pay for the table. Also, when I tap on Instructions, the rulesheet that is displayed is for Big Hurt.


May 10, 2013
Coincidentally (?) Big Hurt had the same issue when it was first released, meaning no scoring limit. Initially I was indifferent to the game but played it until I grew to like it a lot! I'll buy the season when it comes to iOS, as always, so I didn't feel like a total thief, but I wish I hadn't accidentally updated.

I think Gladiators is okay, and it's nice to have the full-featured preview for the time being.