October updates and jittery play


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Apr 12, 2014
I've noticed some issues cropping up since the Season 4 update. Many boards that were playing smoothly are starting to exhibit jittery play (the ball movement isn't smooth, but rather has a quickly stuttering movement to it that can throw off timing), and having issues with the in-game score display not keeping up with the action on the board (especially games with segmented displays -- as opposed to DMD displays).

Phantom of the Opera's play has been jittery from the start. Soon after it was released, another update occurred which made the gameplay even more jittery and the scoring not keeping up with the action. For example: when scoring the Trap Door award, the lower display that scrolls the award usually freezes, and most of the time, you don't know what was awarded.

I've now noticed jittery play and/or scoring display stutters in other games like Diner, Dracula, and Class of 1812 to name a few. I've made sure the textures are set to Normal (instead of High) in case it might be related, but that hasn't affected it at all.

Any thoughts?


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Jul 1, 2014
Hey PunkTiger,

I'll look into it, there's a chance the rez files could be cut down a bit to improve performance. I'll see what I can do and get back to you soon.


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