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Feb 1, 2020
Today I have sent the email beneath to Zen. I am curious to your opinion about this..

Ok ok, my opinion towards Zen have dramatically changed. At first I didn’t like you. I was especially dissapointed on your format for mobile Williams. But let me tell you, I have been turned around and now a big fan of your great tables. I even like the non-Williams tables more than Williams! I enjoy playing and I enjoy your lay-out! And man...have I spent money on your company! I have bought all tables available in Pinball 2 (I am a Mac user) and all tables on iOS. Double paying. But ok, I understand that.

But enough is enough! I have reached a level for what I think is reasonable. I am astonished and negatively surprised on what you dare to ask for promoting a table on iOS to the 4th grade. I could not believe what I saw! Asking money to promote while I have payed with tickets on previous promotions! How dare you! What the hell am I collecting these darn tickets for? You ask 100 of these stupid Zen coins for it. I have bought 2 promotions for 2 tables. But to have enough coins I had to buy them for 5,95 euro’s! Wtf....

I have spent some euro’s before when I ran out of your coins. So these tables are expensive as hell! Unbelievable! Why do you rip out the last coins of my pockets? I have spent a fortune to play on Mac and iOS for the non Williams tables. And for completing all grades you ask me to grab my purse again and dig out even more money?!

This is very disappointing, to put it mildly. I am looking forward to your reply and please answer why you want to steal more and more money from your own fansbase!

I know that the simple answer could be something don’t have to buy this grade. From grade 2 your table has basic functionality. But if that is the answer, you should cancel the the daily challenges, it has no value.

I still am a fan of your tables......😂😂


Nov 11, 2012
Not exactly sure what this is all about, but yeah, I buy tables on PS4, Steam (PC) and Switch, and those I can just play without any issues. This is how it should be. Any of this weirdness in Pinball FX on console/handheld/PC and Zen can count me out. I'm not a cash cow that you can keep milking for more ad infinitum.


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Jan 14, 2016
My experience with the mobile app is colored by having been a user since the beginning - so in past play over time I have collected all the parts needed to get all the tables maxed out. Once that is the case then you start getting coins in daily challenges, so you can grind enough coins to avoid paying cash.

But I feel your pain, I have been saying since the beginning that this model will become more untenable/unbalanced for new users as the number of tables goes up. When the parts you get in the challenges are spread across 12, 15 tables rather than just the 3 newest ones it will take a LOT longer to collect enough for any table, and you won't get to the point that you are awarded coins for a much longer time. I really hope Zen learns from this and examines the model for Pinball FX 4, especially the mobile experience.


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Mar 14, 2012
I had a friend recently start with the Williams app and was quickly able to get all the tables up to 2 star, a few to 3. I told him right off the bat, treat the coins as very rare commodities and don't use them for anything yet. Once all parts are collected, and that will take a good long time, like Gorgias32 said, you'll then collect coins.

People keep making the mistake of treating iOS and Android as if they are the same as any other console rather than treating them like the mobile platform they are. Zen is not doing anything different from most every other free to play game out there. Spend your money on one of those platforms, grind like a fiend on mobile.


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Jun 27, 2012
What ever happened to playing a nice game of pinball ?

Haha exactly.

Big chance Zen is bringing this collecting parts model to the consoles aswell.

Games with subscription models are what we gonna get these days.
And while you use these games they have AI programs running in the back monitoring your behaviour to track how you use there products. Mel said they could actually see when your playing or someone else is using the app.

So what ever happened to just playing a game of pinball is an excellent question.
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