Bug [PS4 v1.23 EU] 5X bonus wizard goal wrongly awarded on starting Token Multiball


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Jan 9, 2015
Have a look at this gameplay video:

As you can clearly see, before entering the vault I am on 2X bonus, and coming out of the vault after starting token multiball, I am correctly on 3X - but the wizard goal for reaching 5X is awarded anyway. (At the 1:13 mark). This happened because of starting Token Multiball; I had previously been coming out of the vault after getting a token and starting regular Vault Multiball many times on less than 5X, and the wizard goal never wrongly popped.

Please note that this was on version 1.23 EU, which was updated to 1.24 yesterday, but my guess is that the bug is still there. It's hard to discover and hard to reproduce, since getting to Vault multiball takes some work, and if you already have the 5X goal you will never notice it anyway.

By the way, even if I was wrongly awarded the goal, don't worry - I earned it legitimately soon after: ;)

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