Bug Rollover Bug


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Feb 8, 2014
Platform: Steam
Reproducible: Probably, would take some effort

It appears that rollover is not detected when going from < 900,000 to > 1,099,990.

My ball ended with my score on ~750,000 (genuine score, not hit 1M at that point). My bonus was ~85,000 with 5x multiplier, for a total of ~425,000.

My score rolled over to the expected ~175,000 on the display, and I finished out the game without rolling over again. My final score on the display was ~690,000, and this is the score that I was given, despite definitely having rolled the score past 999,990.

I have had previous games where I have rolled over from ~999,990 to ~000,000 and my final score has been correctly registered.

Therefore my first conclusion is that HH will not correctly rollover except when going from a 100,000s digit of '9' to a 100,000s digit of '0'. There is a similar rollover bug but with bigger scores in CftBL.

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