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Jan 10, 2022
Hi everybody,

seems that I am the first new user in ages. At least, that introduces himself. I have been following the forum for quite a while but not really posted anything. I am following the development and discussions around Zen and pinballFX with interest. And the sometimes weird debates :)
I own several real pinball machines. But I like virtual pinball as well. VPX, pinballFX, Williams (IOS), The pinball arcade. All have advantages and weaknesses. Sometimes I just want to play without any fuss. VR player as well although for prolonged moments it feels a bit uncomfortable. I am more into Willams/Bally simulations than fantasy new tables. Might be because of often arcadey physics with the fantasy tables and the fact that designing an actual good table is real hard. But, in the end, what counts is the amount of fun you have. And 'feeling' plays an important part in this.
Also the developer of the small iPad pinball machine called MiniPin and other virtual pinball control systems. And know quite a lot about VPIN cabinets. What I like and what is simply bad design. And unfortunately, of the latter there is a lot going around. Good design and really understanding what and why is simply not easy.

Hope to battle online for some V pinball highscores!!!

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