Score a 500K+ Assault on the Vault Jackpot instructions lacking


New member
Jul 16, 2013
I thought I'd post this because I personally would've found it helpful. This was a much easier goal than I expected it to be because the instructions are severely lacking. They indicate that the jackpot starts at 50K and is increased by 5K for each turn of the spinner. While this is a true statement, there are many other ways to increase the jackpot! Each bank of drop targets cleared, each hit to the cellar, and each successful trip to the vault increase the jackpot as well! This makes the goal infinitely easier because hitting that spinner can be challenging, especially while avoiding deflections up the jackpot ramp and cashing in too soon! In the video I was initially trying to hit the spinner until I noticed how high my jackpot value had grown without many hits to the spinner. A good strategy could simply be to keep letting the balls drain and relaunch to maximize upper target hits with no worry about hitting the jackpot ramp too early! This goal obviously wasn't too hard, but I still think all the ways to increase the jackpot should be spelled out.