SPA Patch 1.04

Tom Devaney

FarSight Employee
Dec 13, 2017
Hey everyone. So I had to take some time away from what I was working on to patch Stern. I didn't really do much as the only reason I was told to patch it was to change some server stuff, so that the leaderboards wouldn't go down for Stern when we get rid of our old one. The patch is out right now as I just deployed it several minutes ago. Putting a patch out without any DLC is a breeze! It only took me an hour of waiting once I submitted the patch to publish it. If only TPA patches could be so switft, but waiting on Sony to test DLC and prepare store stuff takes a couple weeks.

Anyways, here are the small patch notes.

Patch 1.04

Bugs Fixed:
-Fixed crackling on Ghostbusters

-Changed servers
-Inverted flyer controls

Like I said, nothing crazy. I actually never heard the sound on Ghostbusters well enough to notice any problems with it, so I'll be curious to hear how you guys feel about it.


Mod & Forum Superstar
Staff member
Feb 22, 2012
I can confirm that the distorted audio on Ghostbusters has been fixed. Thank you for that Tom and please see that this audio fix is applied to the Ghostbusters table on other platforms including the TPA version. It has been a long wait for this audio bug to be addressed and I for one can say that Ghostbusters is now a much more enjoyable experience.


New member
Apr 10, 2012
Thumbs up for the patch. Thanks. I’ve read that the TPA version of GB wasn’t very dark in the lighting. The SPA version gets very dark so I didn’t bother with the TPA one.


New member
Feb 2, 2015
Would it be possible to add Friends leaderboards to SPA with a future patch, just like it was added to TPA?


New member
Mar 9, 2017
Thanks for the patch :)
Any idea when the store-issues will be solved? Even though I bought both packs (and all tables work), some tables still don't have a "bought" status in the shop and mention a price.

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