TZ Post Tuning Difficulty


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Feb 14, 2013
I came back to the table again. just to see if i could retry some of my old tips. and i was once again able to make gum-ball combos, but not as easily. i was able to backhand both ramps from traps again, but not quite as easily as before.

but it's still FAST. controlled multiball play is HARD.

and the slot machine throws curveballs now sometimes. you can always get a flipper on the ball, but dead bounce is not guaranteed anymore, and you can sometimes have it miss the flipper COMPLETELY!

sometimes it will bounce over to the righyt flipper back form the left. and sometimes it's very hard to even hit it, but still possible without a nudge. There's a bit more fear to be had now. I approve.

but it's weird. the files haven't changed since 2018. yet now all of a sudden i can hit ramps again. weird.

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