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Thanks for providing the Pinball FX issues. I noticed that Bride of Pinbot does not have a Classic Pro mode option. Is it just me? I did not find anything in your spreadsheet mentioning it.
My PSN-ID: KingCat78.

If you're interested in playing TPA in a league, you're always welcome to join my facebook pinball club. We play leagues with the games: The Pinball Arcade/Stern Pinball Arcade, Zen Pinball 2 and soon Pinball FX3. All you need is a facebook account.

Just search for "The Pinball Arcade/Zen Pinball 2 Official Club", or use the direct link to our facebookpage:

Happy pinballing :-)
Ha....I just now saw this message from you about the tournament back in April. I can't remember exactly, but I think the key is Total Annihilation & maybe stacking martian attack with it?
Man. That is one hell of a score on AFM in 10 minutes. After the tourney tell me if you just go with multiball or Total Annililation. Hats off man. Cheers.
I noticed your from Beacon New York, I live in Punta Gorda Florida right now. I used to live in Millbrook and Poughkeepsie New York originally.
I've set pretty much all the high scores I wanted... Got bored of all that grinding but I play now and then some of the Facebook tournament tables. Been playing Dark Souls 2 so haven't got much time for Pinball Arcade anyway :p
Hey W! Look, I lost my info for my old profile, so this is a new one. See ya around. BTW, you are not playing TPA on Xbox 360 much anymore?

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