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  • Thanks, I rarely go to Harpoons but will try to hit you up and head over sometime. I work at Charlotte High, so don't have much time in evenings. Yea, 9 years since harley, can't believe it is that long now, wife was pregnant with our first during the storm, crazy evening. I sometimes go into PG Home Depot, you still working there?
    Hiya Panootz . I remember you from VPforums! I have been playing TPA on my IPAD. I recently vacationed in Hawaii and I was glad to have TPA to keep me entertained on all those long flights. Gotta say, Black Hole is my favorite. Only played a real one once a long time ago and the VP8 version is pretty awful but I love this one. I think its the most challenging table so far. The others are great reproductions, but somewhat too easy compared to the originals and even the VP9 versions IMHO. Can't wait for MONSTER BASH, hopefully this week!
    Cheers, Mud
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