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    Thread for irrational dislikes

    Creature of the Black Lagoons Multi Ball, Mostly because I choke at it every single time.
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    must have season 4 and season 3 tables?

    Looking to get a few new tables soon, need help, I wish to get 1 from season 3 and another from season 4. which two would you say I should get?
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    Worst Video Mode Ever

    First play through I was kinda blinded by high scoring, but as I went on and on I noticed something, It's to easy. And by that I mean everything, Shots to get into a mode, The shots in a mode, Extra Ball shots, everything top to bottom is frankly spoon fed to yeah. My hand was getting tired from...
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    PinBall Fan Art.

    Couldn't think of where exactly this should go but I felt this was out of the way enough, Also I can't be the only person with some art skills here so I figured I'd start this thread with one of my own, A simplistic Ode to Funhouse, One of my fav games virtually and in Real life, Hope to see...
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    Table with Easiest and Hardest Wizard Goals?

    What really gets me is when I try and try and try for a goal , I mean really really aim and set up shots and nothing..only for my girlfriend to get it within 5 minutes not even trying, it has hap[pened a few times, but I don't tell her so she doesn't get a big head
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    Table with Easiest and Hardest Wizard Goals?

    Update of progress: A lot of my wizard goals seem to be captured in happenstance moments, Not the best pinball player so I feel lucky when I get one in say a multi ball or mini game. Standard goals are often achieved in the same manner but the jump from standard to wizard is real and no joke lol...
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    Best custom ball to use for dark brightness setting?

    That would be a example of "GOOD" DlC, I am already thinking "TAKE MY MONEY!" But sadly not a lot of companies like "Good" Dlc
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    anyone else getting this? Help!

    And where can I find out when this issue is fixed, I see no info on your facebook or regular site and wonder where you usually post things of this nature to keep others informed, thanks !
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    Question about lighting in game [PS4]

    OMG I'm such a idiot lol I have looked those options through and through and it never clicked, please excuse me, I work weird hours lol thanks Gorgar, Love your table by the way
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    Question about lighting in game [PS4]

    Looked everywhere for this, sorry if answered before...anywho, I watch a lot of footage of Pinball Arcade being played on video sites [Youtube] and noticed how all of the game play seems to have darker background making the lights brighter, thus giving a more arcade real pinball feel, How is...
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    anyone else getting this? Help!

    I have the Digital Version, which starts up, authorizes, says connecting then goes to a black screen and nothing happens, what is going on? anyone know a fix? thanks
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    Table with Easiest and Hardest Wizard Goals?

    I am really gonna try to get all the wizard goals of season 1 and 2, I found the normal goals very easy to pass oddly enough, But boy what a big jump in difficulty when yea get to Wizard, which tables have the hardest and easiest wizard goals to you?
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    Tee'd Off or No Good Gophers? which is best? let the debate begin.

    Wow that's a beauty, And by sega no less, I really like the very open clean up shot, really reminds me of a golf course. is it a fast pace experience with the easy drop in the middle or is it manageable?
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    Tee'd Off or No Good Gophers? which is best? let the debate begin.

    if there is a debate, I frankly find Tee'd off a way better experience but I have not always been inline with the pulse of the gaming world.
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    What Table do you play most? and why?

    I find myself personally sticking with one til me or my fiancee gets the grand master score, she tends to get it more then I do now a days. So lately I have been on a real Medieval Madness kick, I think the next is gonna have to be T2, the shots in that are uber fun.