1. GAH1068

    Starting new Classic - Arcade mode from Front End

    Just a quick heads up. I just watched Spacie's newest video regarding the FX3 Willams tables. He is direct launching the tables from PBX but wasn't aware of the -class parameter. Using this at startup you can go right to Classic Single Player - Arcade without messing around in the menus. I...
  2. etchie

    Finding local tables to play on

    I got addicted to pinball when I went to college and they put one in the student center (Harley). I was hooked hard after that and I started going to the arcade near me. It had been there for years but I was never as arcade person. They always had someone on staff that could fix their tables...
  3. P

    Las Vegas Pinball & Arcade/Console Tournament

    Wednesday June 11th. Registration at 5pm. Start time at 6pm. Pinball tournament with IFPA points. $10.00 entry Arcade/Console tournament $10.00 entry. You can play in either or both. Playing in both qualifies you for winning top overall Tournament player. Go to...

    German Review to Pinball Arcade (Launch & Season Pack 1) on PS4

    Hey guys, I've recorded a detailled review to the PS4 Version of Pinball Arcade yesterday with informations of the most important features and gameplay of all 22 currently available tables. If here are some germans as well, I would looking forward to some feedback and comments. I just tried to...
  5. Vinc3Has3

    Zaccaria Pinball - Favorite Physics Settngs?

    Since the 1.3 and 1.4 updates, has anyone come up with some favorite settings? Have you slowed down the ball, changed the machine tilt, etc.? What's working for you, and with which machines? Any thoughts about any of the specific settings, and their positive or negative impact on realism? What...
  6. shutyertrap

    My 1000th Post...and I need your guy's help

    Yes, I'm being a bit of an attention whore, get over it! Okay, so I've got this idea rattling around in my head for doing another interview...actually a few. I want to talk to pinball arcade owners, or places that have 10 or more pins on site. I live in the Southern California area, and I know...
  7. C

    Hey Everyone New here (First Post)

    Dropping in to say hi, I'm a sucker when it comes to nostalgia , always loved the arcades when i was a kid. anyway just tried this game last night, i must say i'm impressed with the work done on the part of the people to keep these machines as authentic as possible on a video game. I'am by no...

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