1. O

    Akira Psycho Ball Rules

    I had never heard of Akira Psycho Ball until yesterday (Nov 2023) lol, despite it being released in both Japan and my native PAL region 20 years ago... Emulating the PS2 game on my laptop has been very easy, and I've been able to use the additional anti-aliasing options to pleasing effect. It...
  2. D

    TAF issue with ball loading solenoid

    Have an issue that I can't figure out. When the machine is supposed to load a ball into the shooting lane, the solenoid activates two time and loads two balls instead of one. I don't see anything on the owners manual that suggests this is a feature, I reset the machine to factory setting...
  3. weirdproq

    Android - No Good Gofers 3D models and art missing in captive ball area

    I was playing No Good Gofers on my Android phone recently and notice where the captive ball shot, to the left of the slam down ramp, was completely blank white! The second ball behind the captive ball was missing and all the art and 3D models of pegs and rubbers were also gone. That part and...
  4. M

    Quick question about Custom Balls. Help needed!

    I've been searching and scouring the internet for a few days now and finally found this forum! Yay! Been looking for a straight forward post which shows which Custom Balls belong to which table in the Season 1 and Season 2 Custom Ball Packs. (aside from Terminator, Twilight Zone and Star Trek...
  5. enduser2941


    Ok, So I have sen others comment about Fishtales and shots draining, but I have to ask, is it just me, or does Fishtales just seem to be ridiculously difficult? I don't just mean with the balls draining down the center either. It seems like no matter what, the magnets always seem to steam the...