big shot

  1. K

    Bug Big Shot Master list?

    There seems to be no master list for Big Shot, hence, I am posting here: When a ball drains on BS, after scoring no points for the ball, on Farsight's recreation, it goes to the next ball. On the real pinball machine, it stays at the same ball. This glitch should be relatively easy to fix.
  2. M

    3 balls or 5 for points?

    Haven't decided yet... The main scoring isn't that different - just ups the pop bumper to 1000 from 100. But the 2x and 3x bonus are available on your second and third ball respectively - averages out to 2x per ball. On a 5 ball game you're only getting 1.6x per ball on average. Since I seem...
  3. P

    Fixed General | High Score Entry | Can't use flippers to enter initials on certain tables

    OS version: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 680 RAM: 8GB Version: 0.009 Display mode: Full screen Resolution: 1920x1080 Frequency: Every time a high score is achieved on certain tables (Black Hole and Big Shot confirmed) Expected result: Should be able to use the flipper...
  4. phreaker47

    Request 100 Million HAS to equal cheater, doesn't it?

    Someone (something like azr07) posted over one hundred million on this table (almost exactly). It's as if he found a way to just play forever, and decided to quit right then. It was also done on mobile, and we all know if there's anything that you can cheat with, it's IOS or Android (via...

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