black hole

  1. D

    A journey to the center of the Black Hole.

    Hi TPA fans! This is my first official post and greetings here as I didn't know TPA had it's own forums. I'm looking forward to have some awesome pinball discussions and meeting new pinball fans as well. :) My favorite table has to be Black Hole for both digital and physical and I should be...
  2. P

    Fixed General | High Score Entry | Can't use flippers to enter initials on certain tables

    OS version: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 680 RAM: 8GB Version: 0.009 Display mode: Full screen Resolution: 1920x1080 Frequency: Every time a high score is achieved on certain tables (Black Hole and Big Shot confirmed) Expected result: Should be able to use the flipper...
  3. T

    Does blackhole seem darker to anyone else after getting new tables?

    Just got the funhouse voltaire package and had to uninstall/reinstall the game to get those to work. Going back to blackhole, it seems darker now, as if someone turned down the brightness. Didn't touch the settings on the tv. I used to be able to see the wood of the plunger laneway but now...
  4. Judi Chop

    Android - Bug Ball stuck in lower captive hole during multiball

    When playing on android, I'll start multiball and if one of the balls goes into the captive hole it gets stuck and does not release. The 2nd ball can drain and the camera just stays on the lower play field and I have to quit the game. I've tried calling the attendant but it just tells me the...
  5. jaredmorgs

    Bug After ball launch, ball accellerates through one-way gate into roll-over lane area

    Problem When you try and do a subtle ball launch, when the ball reaches the one-way gate into the rollover lanes it accelerates like there's a magnet under the table. This makes it nearly impossible to do an accurate soft launch, and feed anything other than the right-hand rollover. Additional...
  6. E Laser

    All Time High Scores on iOS

    There's no way these can be right. I've scored maaaaybe 1.5 million at best. Some how I've got 500,000,000+ on the All Time High Scores. (I wish I were that good at it, haha!) Anyone else have inordinately high scores?

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