1. BlahCade Pinball # 246: Homeworld Pinball...Let's Play!

    BlahCade Pinball # 246: Homeworld Pinball...Let's Play!

    In the latest BlahCade Pinball Podcast @shutyertrap and @jaredmorgs speculate a bit about what is coming up from Zen in PinFX for September, October, and November. They then dive into live play of Zen's latest, Homeworld Pinball. Is it a 'buy now' or 'don't bother'?
  2. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade #164 - Zen Studios Design Interview

    Akos, Thomas and Mel take time out of their work evening to chat with us about how Zen goes about engineering their tables, and the experience that goes along with designing the premiere mobile pinball experience. It's a short but oh so sweet interview and will fill the gap you have between...
  3. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade #162: A Unified Experience

    In software development, running experiments to test out hypotheses is an important part of product management and product development. We've already worked out that Zen Studios has been doing this for a while on mobile. They were testing out their free-to-play models on mobile, so they could...
  4. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade #153: A Bad Case of the Smurfberries

    When you play a video game, you do it to have fun. What is fun to one person differs, but in general you usually want to either complete the game or unlock everything in it. So what happens when your experience is interrupted by a game funding model that sucks the life out of your enjoyment of...
  5. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade #151: Stern Pinball Arcade VR and Cabinet Shenanigans

    After covering some brief news items we dive into some first experiences with virtual pinball cabinets and then have a great chat with Mike from Farsight Studios about the new Stern Pinball Arcade VR release on Oculus Rift. We round out the show with an announcement about our new merchandise...
  6. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade #150: Zen Williams Pinball Retrospective

    It’s been a MASSIVE month for digital pinball fans. So many forum posts, podcast episodes to digest, posts to read, and beta builds to play (if you’re on Steam). We take a step back from the hamster wheel and talk about some questions that we’ve been thinking about from when the FX3 Williams...
  7. Sean DonCarlos

    The Power Returns...

    It's been nearly four years. It's time the Power comes back for another round. More tales of victory, vengeance, and woe from league play (once league starts up again on 9/12); more machine photography; and more real pinball in general. Less musings on moderation (I don't do much of that...
  8. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade Pinball Podcast Episodes (128 and higher)

    As a courtesy, here is a thread that contains links to BlahCade episodes 128 and onwards. I'm going to stop doing individual posts here because I think those people who are interested would already be following us on the social media channels we use. But if you're a curmudgeon and hate the...
  9. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 49: Double The Bart

    See for episode summary, links, and timings. Let us know what you think here, or by using the Disqus plugin at the bottom of the post.
  10. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 45: Kickstart my Heart

    Links Stream/Download/RSS iTunes T-shirts SummaryIt’s all about crowd funding in this BlahCade. We talk Kickstarter, now that the Doctor Who Kickstarter has successfully funded. The Zaccaria Steam Greenlight push has succeeded and now Magic Pixel (formerly A.S.K Homework) are...
  11. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 41: Zen Studios Star Wars Tables

    LinksStream/Download/RSS: iTunes: T-shirts: SummaryThere is so much...
  12. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 34: Dressed to a Tee

    Links Stream/Download/RSS: iTunes: T-shirts: Summary Before we say anything else...
  13. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 33: Zen Interview Retrospective

    Stream/Download/RSS: iTunes: Blab: We ease into this week’s BlahCade gently with some random talk. Then it’s right into the...
  14. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 29: 38 Weeks Old. Next week: Brains

    Stream/RSS/Download: iTunes: Yep, that’s right. It has been thirty-eight weeks since Chris kicked off this little...
  15. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 28: If it Walks Like a Duck, It's Pinball

    Download/Stream/RSS iTunes Chris and Jared start off this episode talking about TotW and TotM, then it evolves into a free flowing episode about table design, new zen tables, Season 5 table leaks, and other varied topics. Stay tuned later in the week for the BlahCade Backroom. But...
  16. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 27: Ten Seconds or Less and No Farts

    Stream/Download/RSS: iTunes: It’s a full compliment of ‘caders today with Chris, Jared and Kay. We talk about...
  17. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade #26: Teeny Tiny Isn't Always a Bad Thing

    Stream/RSS/Download: iTunes: Chris and Jared are trying new things. We’re testing out and think the results speak for themselves...
  18. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade #25: Small Wheel (no Jackpots lit)

    RSS/Stream/Download: iTunes: It’s time for another weekly installment of madness and pinball. This week your hosts Chris and Jared introduce the focus...
  19. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade #24 - Stern Pinball Arcade Wild Speculation

    RSS/Stream/Download: iTunes: Join hosts Chris Friebus and Jared Morgan, along with Kay Pfitzner, as they briefly discuss the results of...
  20. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade Podcast #21: BlahCade Theatre w/Bobby Pt 2

    RSS/Stream: iTunes: With thanks to our sponsors, Wizard Amusements, we're back again with the 21st installment of the BlahCade...

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