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  1. P

    iOS - Bug CV crashing constantly whenever I want to start it up.

    I bought the Cirqus Voltaire table for $2.99. Whenever I start it up, it crashes me back to my iPod's home screen. I already posted this in the bugs thread but it is so annoying! Can someone help me out? Device is iPod touch 4g running iOS 6.0 Tried reinstalling TPA. Happens on both free and...
  2. jaredmorgs

    Android Slingshot Animation Not Present on Some Tables Was originally just CV, but this is on some of the newer tables as well. Big Shot has no slingshot animation, and I don't think Scared Stiff does either.
  3. Pericles

    I just want to go on record...

    ... and say that despite the bugs, I am having fun and that Cirqus Voltaire is SICK!
  4. M

    New DLC Doesn't Show Up on Vita

    I just downloaded the latest DLC for the Vita. It claims to install but fails to show up when I start the game. I can see Medieval Madness and Bride of Pinbot, but not Funhouse or Cirqus Voltaire. I tried redownloading the Pinball Arcade demo but it didn't make any difference. Anyone have any...
  5. jaredmorgs

    Bug Music Overlap on Tables

    This issue seems to be most prevalent on FH and CV. Problem When you start a game on either of these tables, sometimes the main theme music continues to play over the emulated table music (an overlapping music event). Reproducable Generally after you press start very quickly after the table...
  6. W

    Bug Neon Multiball Plunger camera sticking

    Sideshow award Neon Multiball Camera goes to plunger mode and watch as all the balls drain given that I HAVE NO FLIPPER CONTROL as per plunger cam. not every time but often @$$%@! enough.. "Stop zooming to ringmaster every first time" would be a nice pref as well.
  7. jaredmorgs

    Bug DMD HUD persistence issues.

    Because of the "horizontal lines" issue on the DMD, I opt to turn on the DMD HUD. From what I observe, the DMD HUD is not persistent between game sessions, after setting it to on. Steps to reproduce Set HUD to On. Start game. Exit back to table select screen. Restart CV. Start game, and...
  8. jaredmorgs

    Bug Slingshot animation not present, like on other tables.

    I've noticed when playing CV on my SGS2 that the slingshot kicker animation present on the four launch tables is not present in Cirqus Voltaire. Compare the slingshot animation with RBION to that in CV and you'll see what I mean. I'm wondering if it is an issue with device performance...
  9. jaredmorgs

    Bug [SGS2] Playfield Inset DMD has horizontal lines on every view angle

    Version: 1.0.6 Hardware: Check sig to left. Problem: On every view angle, the DMD does not seem to be scaling correctly when it is presented on the angle. I've cycled through all 4 viewing angles and the horizontal lines move as the table view moves up. When the camera zooms-in on the...

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