1. C

    Any way to unmap mouse button from flippers?

    Hi, The Steam version is working great in most respects, but I find it incredibly irritating(as well as inauthentic) that when I want to use the mouse for the plunger, it also activates the flipper. I am near certain I used to have it set up to not do this, but there seems to be no option to...
  2. M

    Android tablet - launch button in HUD vs. launch 'direct from table'

    Just a curiosity really. On Attack From Mars, for example, when the viewpoint 'steps back' to launch the ball, the fire button disappears from the HUD and tapping anywhere launches. On BSD, the HUD button persists, and is the only way to launch. This seems slightly suboptimal for a few...
  3. M

    Request Scale virtual buttons?

    Hello! I'd love to be able to make the buttons (e.g. the magnasave) larger on my Nexus 7. Frankly I wouldn't care if the graphics just scaled up and pixelated, though I realise that's the sort of thing that professional outfits normally won't let slide... playability trumps appearance, and the...
  4. P

    PC - Request Controls rework

    I'd like to see two things changed regarding the controls. 1. Have the Left Flipper and Right Flipper controls control all sets of flippers on that side (all left flippers for Left Flipper, all right flippers for Right Flipper). This would also mean removing the Second Left Flipper/s and Second...
  5. B

    Can you toggle flipper inputs between sets of shoulder buttons? PLEASE ANSWER

    I DLed pinball Arcade yesterday. I tried re-DLing it and it said don't install because my version is a higher patch, so I didn't. Made sense at the time but now I wish I had at least tried it. Anyhow, apparently I'm still in bizarro world where either the internet isn't *****ing about...
  6. squidlr

    Next Mac update

    On the 4th April 2012; Farsight apparently stated in their newsletter: 'The Macintosh version has been released to the Mac app store. Look for an update later this week that increases the combatibility with more Macs and includes an improved control scheme.' Now, it's nearly 2 weeks since...

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