1. F

    Crash after playing Centaur - Patch 1.28

    Theory: If I play Centaur either stand alone or in a Challenge where Centaur is part of the challenge, I will have a crash the 2nd time I try to enter play Centaur or enter a Challenge with Centaur in the challenge. Has happened 3 times. I'm working on reproducing it to minimal steps.
  2. shofixti

    iOS - Bug World Champion Soccer crashes on every launch

    Playing on an original iPad air. It's certainly got a bit slower over time, but this table is the only 100% crasher for me. Anyone else having this problem? Is this a known issue?
  3. P

    Tournament Results crashes TPA

    Having just finished 16th in the Silver Tournament, when entering the Tournament to see results screen, it briefly shows a text window then immediately crashes back to Kindle Menu, Kindle Fire 10.
  4. A

    Bug Portrait mode doesn't work anymore!

    Since last TPA update portrait mode doesn't work anymore, if I start a game first of all I have to press the start button twice (pressed once and waited a while but then nothing happens), then I see for a second that the screen goes back to landscape and then turns black, after a few seconds a...
  5. Canadian365

    Fixed PC Beta does not load on Steam

    When the game is launched by selecting play via Steam, the game does not respond. A blank window opens with heading (not Responding). Receive the error everytime I attempt to launch The PinballArcade BETA.
  6. A

    Android - Bug continuous crashes on Sony Xperia S tablet

    I used to play on my Sony Xperia Pro phone but since the display is very little I bought a Sony Xpera S tablet, at first I really liked it a lot, but for a couple of months now I start to dislike the game since it crashes all the time, doesn't seem to matter on which table or on what score...
  7. P

    iOS - Bug CV crashing constantly whenever I want to start it up.

    I bought the Cirqus Voltaire table for $2.99. Whenever I start it up, it crashes me back to my iPod's home screen. I already posted this in the bugs thread but it is so annoying! Can someone help me out? Device is iPod touch 4g running iOS 6.0 Tried reinstalling TPA. Happens on both free and...