1. MonkeyGrass

    Picking up Pin #2 tomorrow!! Williams Blackout - 1980

    So I was warned. Pinball machines are like rabbits - they like to multiply rapidly!! :D And indeed they do! After completing my Police Force resto, I stumbled across a listing for this 1980 System 6 machine. http://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=317 Apparently, this one was built between...
  2. J

    Gorgar & Pinbot Designer Barry Oursler coming to Atlantas SouthernFried Gameroom Expo

    Gorgar & Pinbot Designer Barry Oursler coming to Atlantas SouthernFried Gameroom Expo Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo is proud to announce that pinball design legend Barry Oursler will be joining us in Atlanta as our Special Guest. Barry enjoyed more than 30 years at Williams pinball, designing...
  3. S

    The pit strobing light on both upper left and right plastics

    The implementation of the strobing bulbs on the Gorgar table needs to be changed. You have stobing lights on both the plastic for the pit (upper left) and the upper right plastic and that is incorrect. The correct implementation for the pit should only be that the pit plastic on the upper left...
  4. enduser2941

    Bug Android: Gorgar lane shift?

    Hey good people of pinball arcade! I absolutely LOVE all these tables! Just a little bug report, though not totally sure this is a bug since I never played this table in RL, however, has anyone noticed that you can't use the flippers to do lane shifts on the top of the play field? Forgive me if...
  5. spoonman

    Bug Gorgar on 2.01 tilts WAY too easily!!

    I rarely ever tilt this table on PHOH or the arcade, but now I am tilting about 50% of the time. I have tilt set to the right analog stick and gently move it n a direction to nuge the table. I am making sure not to hold it after pressing either. I've even tried a bream new dual shock conroller...
  6. B

    Bug Gorgar - Bug - Ball Lighting - Camera

    Problem 1: the ball can sometimes appear to be cartoonish, with an overbright hotspot and bad rim lighting. Possible cause: this occurred after I played through the entire set of tutorials. Exiting the game didn't fix the problem, neither did starting a different table. However, after...
  7. G

    iOS - Bug Gorgar Instant Drain

    First off I'm Loving Gorgar. I like old machines as much as the new ones. They are nice and simple. So great job on getting Gorgar and it's late 70's Pinporn look to my iPad :-) That said, I'm finding that there are a load of instant drains off the start without even flipper the ball. As I...

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