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  1. Ian Longstaff

    high score compo

    Think you can do better than 605,659,016 on the Theatre of Magic (bally 1995) 2.4 By Fleep VPX pinball table ? This is the current average score considering the 15 participants who have submitted their score so far. Register for free at...
  2. M

    Do you play for score or modes?

  3. L

    Pausing the game and keeping your ball on ps4 -

    If you want to pause your game during gameplay for a much needed toilet break, to put the kids to bed, to let your partner know that you still love them more than the game itself... DO NOT PAUSE (options button) AND THEN PRESS THE PS BUTTON TO ENTER BACK INTO THE PSN SCREEN. - this will cause...
  4. Zorgwon

    High Scores of Tables freqently played

    Tales of the Arabian Nights 104,643,700 Scared Stiff 143,817,630 Elvira and the Party Monsters 27,132,170 Funhouse 63,926,440 Genie 883,600 Gorgar 1,073,220 N Medieval Madness 251,284,900...
  5. R

    Bug High Score Glitches

    Hi everybody. My name is Chris and I'm new to the forum. The first thing I'd like to say is that I love the Pinball Arcade. Farsight is doing awesome work! Keep it up. That being said, my reason for this post is to ask about the high score glitches I have had happen to me. It only seems to...
  6. T

    can't undo on enter initials screen

    just got a personal best on black hole and accidentally selected an incorrect initial. Can't seem to undo? is there a back or undo button? cheers
  7. E Laser

    All Time High Scores on iOS

    There's no way these can be right. I've scored maaaaybe 1.5 million at best. Some how I've got 500,000,000+ on the All Time High Scores. (I wish I were that good at it, haha!) Anyone else have inordinately high scores?

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