1. Sean DonCarlos

    Don't They Make a Great Couple?

    As promised, the pair of machines in my living room. Note the white DMD on Twilight Zone...I might not even convert to multicolor once ColorDMD releases the ROM for TZ; the white is just too perfect. And yes, the AC/DC's DMD is the standard red and not orange...I think my phone's red-eye...
  2. Sean DonCarlos

    For Those About to...Fail?!

    So the shipping company, who shall remain nameless, that was supposed to get my AC/DC machine to me last week discovered that it was unable to get a 18-wheeler to my house. Seriously, in this day and age with GPS and Google Maps and what have you, no one thought to look up my address and think...
  3. Sean DonCarlos

    For Those About to Rock, Part II

    Just a quick note to clear up a minor mystery in the AC/DC strategy thread, when I said testing was about to become easier. Yes, my TZ will soon have someone to talk to while I'm at work: a new-in-box AC/DC Premium! This will also give me something to play while the TZ is getting an electrical...
  4. Sean DonCarlos

    It's Alive!

    Still some electrical investigation work to do - at some point when all these mods were added there was a mix-up and some of the inserts now strobe or blink when they're not supposed to - but I figured that was no reason not to share a picture of her all lit up: Again, my apologies for the...
  5. Sean DonCarlos

    Shhh! The Baby Is Sleeping

    Arrived into our world April 21, 2013 - Length 58 inches - Weight approx. 300 pounds

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