1. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 105: Touch My Glow Balls We finally have some digital pinball to talk about! Well, Jared does. Chris has yet to play the Wipeout beta on Steam. We also talk about some new ball packs in TPA that are actually worth buying. You also get to hear...
  2. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 80: Take the Challenge, Brave One (Shout Engine) (iTunes) This DLC contains the following new features: news on Farsight table releases news on Zen Studios table releases...
  3. EldarOfSuburbia

    Favorite Premier/Gottlieb Table In TPA

    The Premier/Gottlieb tables in TPA get a huge bashing. From Cue Ball Wizard to TX-Sector, they're almost universally lambasted with endless amounts of scorn poured over them. Surely though, there's a silver lining somewhere? A diamond in the rough? A secret favorite? I was playing Tee'd Off...
  4. WesReviews

    Monte Carlo (Gottlieb Premier 1987)

    Need advice, gang... I don't currently own an actual pinball table in real life, but I have always wanted to. Someone local has offered to sell me this table for $600 (I may be able to coerce them to go a little less, if I pay in cash). From pictures, it looks to be in great shape and I've...

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