1. Sean DonCarlos

    Parting the Sea of Simulation

    In making the morning rounds through the forum, I found a gem from a new member that deserves a little more meditation than an in-passing forum post: My first thought was the standard "well, of course the TPA tables won't play exactly like the real ones; there's too many subtleties in real-life...
  2. Sean DonCarlos

    The Invaders

    About 2 months ago, I posted some observations on TPA and programming in general (if you missed them, these posts were On Pride and Programming, What Greed Won't Get You, and The Lust for Results), wherein I tried to explain some of what goes on in software development for the benefit of the...
  3. Sean DonCarlos

    A License to Sin

    Being the programming type, it's very rare that I play any game without thinking "man, this is fun, but it would be just a little bit better if it worked like _____ instead". For some of the old NES (yes, the 8-bit system, I'm that old) and SNES games, a few intrepid souls have managed to...
  4. Sean DonCarlos

    The Lust for Results

    Or more specifically, commentary on why bugs cannot always be fixed right away when they are first reported. But first we again have need of the obligatory... DISCLAIMER: I am not employed by FarSight, not representing FarSight, and nothing in this post should be construed as the Official...
  5. Sean DonCarlos

    On Pride and Programming [NP]

    NOTE: Posts marked with [NP] (as in "Not Pinball") are posts on subjects other than pinball. I've marked them in this way so that those uninterested in such tangents can skip past them. - SDC A few passing comments on software development that aren't really relevant to the main forum. Some...

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