1. B

    PS3 - Bug My PS3 locks on start screen

    Just downloaded an update last weekend and the PS3 locks up after you press the 'X' to start. The music still plays but the controller does nothing and the system is locked on that screen. I deleted the game and downloaded the demo install from PSN, game forces the same update and the same...
  2. maezun

    DualShock 4 on PS3 with TPA - Better than DualShock 3?

    I've just ordered a DualShock 4 for playing TPA on my PS3 as (following the recent patch) they now work wirelessly. I don't own a PS4 but I wanted to see if the digital shoulder buttons would make a difference when playing the game. I'm getting pretty sick of using my DualShock 3 with TPA...
  3. ScotchYeti

    Pack 19 + 20 PS3 screenshots?!

    Can anyone post some screenshots of the latest packs? I first have to put some money into my US PSN account, which will take a while. I am curious how the tables look this time!
  4. P

    ATTENTION FarSight Studios! Regarding the trophy limit on PS3

    Hi all, first time posting here, and probably last. I'm a long time lurker here. Just wanted to mention something on this forum I had posted over on Sony's blog, but I figured the FarSight team would probably never see it over there. So anyway, trophies aren't really a big deal, and I'll...
  5. spoonman

    Pinball Arcade: Season Two Pass [Information]

    Details that I know for Pinball Arcade: Season Two Pass [Information] It's $29.99 for the table pack /w includes Table Packs 11 through 20 and $39.99 for the Pro Mode Season Two Pack. So you would be getting $49.99 worth of tables for $29.99 with the basic TPA-STP, based on the current $4.99...
  6. spoonman

    Bug Firepower (ball gets stuck in upper right)

    I'm not sure if this one has been reported yet. I reported (along with others), the "scoring loop bug" before which I've gotten about 5 times out of 30 or so games and it ends your game. With this particular bug the only way to end the game is to tilt out. I really hope Farsight can address...
  7. spoonman

    Bug Friend Sorting on Leaderboards is BROKEN (video demo included)

    This happened when updating from 2.10 to 2.11. As you can see from the video it's added ALL of the people on my PSN friends list. Even those who don't own the game or the game demo. I consider this to be a major, game breaking, bug for those of us who like to compete with their online...
  8. spoonman

    Thoughts on Attack From Mars (PS3)

    Some random thoughts... Too tired to assemble sentences. Fun table Decent graphics Sound is meh quality / mono Dull looking spaceship Out lanes are killer and this seems much harder than the iOS version IMO. /end thoughts
  9. spoonman

    Bug Elivira: Scared Stiff - Plunger Cam Sticks during Monster Muliball. :(

    I really hope they can fix this soon. It's on on my favorite tables . So Farsight.......please fix the camera bug in Elvira Scared Stiff Here's what it does: When Monster Multiball starts the camera swings down to the plunger cams making it impossible to play!! I had a great game going up...
  10. smbhax

    PS3 - Bug Camera stuck in launcher cam during gameplay

    I had the game camera get stuck in launcher camera mode in several Twilight Zone games last night; this is not absolutely game-ending as you can still see the whole table if you switch to the most zoomed-out launcher camera, but the angle is pretty awkward for normal flipper play. I don't have...
  11. spoonman

    PS3 - Request "Cross-Controller" will this be supported?

    Is there any chance Farsight will be taking advantage if the new Cross-Controller feature of the PS3/Vita functionality that's being added next week? With Farsight already supporting Cross-buy between the two platforms, this seems like an obvious step. For those who don't know what it is...
  12. C

    PS3 - Bug No Good Gofers is Missing lights and stuff!

    Has anyone noticed that No Good Gofers is missing these lights on the slingshots? There are missing lights on the flipper return lanes as well. Also some of the metal parts inside of the slingshot are missing too (can be seen when the camera is flying around). Please view this image...
  13. spoonman

    The Pinball Arcade Selection screen (a quick review of each!)

    I really think many things need fixing BEFORE this, but let's scroll through and see what's going on here.... (On 2.0.4 by the way) and running @ 1080p on the PlayStation 3. Again these are my thoughts on JUST the TPA PS3 Selection Screens and not the tables themselves: Tales of the Arabian...
  14. spoonman

    How do you link your PS3 TPA scores with your iOS TPA?

    When I check my scores on the iOS version of TPA none of my PS3 scores show up. My friend's do though, so this leads me to believe that it is possible. I am using the same email address that I was when TPA on the PS3 first asked for email addresses (For Facebook integration I believe). Since I...
  15. spoonman

    Farsight CONFIRMS Trophies for table packs 1 & 2 in next update! :)

    I know not everyone cares about this, but for those that do, this is a very good thing. We finally have a definitive answer from the good people at Farsight. Here's the history log so far: 6/28/2012 Farsight replies to my question on weather they can add trophies to table packs 1 & 2...
  16. Pericles

    Buying 1st PS3, help me out...

    Hey There, I'm a bit of an old timer and I haven't owned a console since the PS2. I have had a few PSPs and I now own a Vita. I work a lot and game on the go... but I think I want to buy a PS3 and I am thinking of getting the Call of Duty Bundle. My question? What else do I need to get the...
  17. spoonman

    The Pinball Arcade table lighting depending on the time of day?? Can this be?

    According to a post on the Farsight Facebook page: Jon Bid I really didn't notice any difference between the couple times I played it during the day, but others seem to be backing him up and since it's not 4/1 I don't assume it's a joke. Unless this was a feature they added in the last PS3...
  18. H

    Bug Cross Platform leaderboard bug

    Good evening all, I have found a bug in the global leaderboard. both devices are tied to my facebook account. This is for Theater of Magic: as Abe Bloom (SAMSUNG MESMERIZE profile) I have 888,789,340. This is what my friends see, and I can see my friends score on the device. as...
  19. spoonman

    Bug *PS3* The pinball is going through the right flipper!

    (As first posted to TPA Facebook Page): In TOTAN I keep getting a bug where the ball slides through the right flipper and sinks my ball. It's usually moving fast when it happens. When it first happened I figured it was a fluke, but it then happened again during the same game. It's really...

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