1. D

    TAF issue with ball loading solenoid

    Have an issue that I can't figure out. When the machine is supposed to load a ball into the shooting lane, the solenoid activates two time and loads two balls instead of one. I don't see anything on the owners manual that suggests this is a feature, I reset the machine to factory setting...
  2. mhw1998

    PS3 - Bug Addams Family - Thing Flips is not working - no flip occurs!

    I was thrilled when TAF FINALLY was released on PS3, but I was thoroughly disappointed when I triggered Thing Flips - I got the appropriate animation and sounds but when the ball dropped past the flipper, NOTHING HAPPENED! It fell straight through. I have since watched the same thing happen...
  3. T

    Best in-game use of uses of *thwack*

    Best in-game use of *thwack* In anticipation of TAF coming to TPA, I'd like to suggest that TAF's use of the knocker thwack sound when you "hit cousin it" is the best use of the knocker sound in-game ever. TAF also uses the sound during Seance too. AFM uses the sound perfectly too...

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