terminator 2

  1. Sean DonCarlos

    Still More Recommended TPA Tables for Beginners and Beyond (DLC Packs 15 - 18)

    Once again, I'm slacking on my coverage of the latest table packs! So it's time to get that fixed. For thoughts on earlier tables in TPA, see Recommended TPA Tables for Beginners and Beyond, More Recommended TPA Tables for Beginners and Beyond (DLC Packs 5 - 7), Even More Recommended TPA Tables...
  2. StarDust4Ever

    How do I view the credits?

    I am a Kickstarter backer and can't seem to find the option to view the table "credits" since it was promised that our names would appear in there. I am a "Bronze" backer and for some reason it dawned on my that I've never seen the credits and I simply want to be able to see my name onscreen. Is...
  3. Sean DonCarlos

    High Anxiety Society

    While I hope the T2 kickstarter will succeed, and have every reason to believe it will despite that a**hole faux $9500 backer toying with our emotions, is anyone else going to be really, really happy to resume a normal life when this is over?
  4. C

    Hey Everyone New here (First Post)

    Dropping in to say hi, I'm a sucker when it comes to nostalgia , always loved the arcades when i was a kid. anyway just tried this game last night, i must say i'm impressed with the work done on the part of the people to keep these machines as authentic as possible on a video game. I'am by no...