1. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 34: Dressed to a Tee

    Links Stream/Download/RSS: iTunes: T-shirts: Summary Before we say anything else...
  2. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 29: 38 Weeks Old. Next week: Brains

    Stream/RSS/Download: iTunes: Yep, that’s right. It has been thirty-eight weeks since Chris kicked off this little...
  3. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 28: If it Walks Like a Duck, It's Pinball

    Download/Stream/RSS iTunes Chris and Jared start off this episode talking about TotW and TotM, then it evolves into a free flowing episode about table design, new zen tables, Season 5 table leaks, and other varied topics. Stay tuned later in the week for the BlahCade Backroom. But...
  4. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 27: Ten Seconds or Less and No Farts

    Stream/Download/RSS: iTunes: It’s a full compliment of ‘caders today with Chris, Jared and Kay. We talk about...
  5. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade #26: Teeny Tiny Isn't Always a Bad Thing

    Stream/RSS/Download: iTunes: Chris and Jared are trying new things. We’re testing out and think the results speak for themselves...
  6. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade #25: Small Wheel (no Jackpots lit)

    RSS/Stream/Download: iTunes: It’s time for another weekly installment of madness and pinball. This week your hosts Chris and Jared introduce the focus...
  7. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade #24 - Stern Pinball Arcade Wild Speculation

    RSS/Stream/Download: iTunes: Join hosts Chris Friebus and Jared Morgan, along with Kay Pfitzner, as they briefly discuss the results of...

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