1. Lord Boron

    New update on iOS.

    I notice after many years a new Pinball Arcade update just dropped on iOS. Anyone have any idea what it entails? the update description just says “content delivery update”
  2. weirdproq

    Online play in latest update?

    So, I had just downloaded a new update (not the one for Firepower 2, after that one) and started TPA. I saw that now there was a new backdrop of part of the Firepower 2 back glass. I thought to myself that I should click on the online play button, just for the heck of it, to see if anything new...
  3. K

    New iOS interface lost bulk table download option

    Hey! Jsut got the new interface. WHile not the most pretty in most area it's very functional. As someone who goes on trips and takes mass transit to work I play Pinball Arcade on the go. So I usually try to keep my tables up to date on the device. It seems there is no bulk download new...

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