1. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 117: Groot Vomit Mech There’s a mixture of stuff on the show as usual. You’ll get talk about Ghostbusters, some interesting CPU performance stats between Zen and TPA, and some news about Pinball Cadet from Trick Gaming Studios.
  2. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 116: Tell Me A Story It’s a bit of a mixed bag episode this week. Come along for the ride and enjoy discussion ranging from PS4 games to FX3 tournaments. Jared also gives us an update on Jacks to Open restoration progress.
  3. Formslingers

    Black Flaggers (Pinball Wicked)

    Ahoy, fellow pinball lovers! We're thrilled to reveal Black Flaggers Pinball. Embark on a pirate’s journey of plundering loot, swashbuckling adventures and cannon wielding foes. Wicked pinball mechanics and magnificent ball rolling physics running on a cutting edge engine: The...
  4. penticton

    Pinball Arcade Compatibility Help Blog

    Having issues? On this blog I'll post compatibility notes and settings to ensure optimal/smooth game play on your system. You too can add your tips, tricks and settings that work for you and your PC configuration. If you're posting settings that may help another user, please post in this...
  5. penticton

    Will PA work with my system? (Specs Listed)

    I need to know if Pinball Arcade will work with my system? Also, If it does work with my current specs, please tell me the correct game settings so I can achieve the best possible game play. Thanks! My system specs are below: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 10240)...

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