A Tiny Mistake by FarSight


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Jun 27, 2015
There's an insignificant but interesting mistake by FarSight on this table. They say it was produced in 1974 but the IPDb clearly shows it was made in August 1973!

Here's the full story (correct me if I'm wrong):

First, in Dec 1972, Gottlieb produced 2,339 tables of a 1-player pinball called Play Pool, made for export to Italy.
Then in Aug 1973, Gottlieb produced 2,900 tables of a 2-player version and called it Big Shot.
Then a month later in Sept 1973, Gottlieb produced 9,000 tables of a 4-player version called Hot Shot.
Then in Dec 1973, Gottlieb produced 800 tables of an Add-a-ball version, called Pro Pool.

Then recently, as you know, FarSight added the 2-player Big Shot version to TPA but converted it into a 4-player.

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