Bug After entering initials for high score


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Mar 28, 2012

Well I had a pretty decent score on Whitewater tonight at 691m and after entering my initials it also asked to put my initials for insanity falls champion. I did so and it started a 2 player game and now my score doesn't show up for the 691m on my friends list.

It does on the high scores list which is weird. Any I'm a bit irked but I think I could best my score fairly easily once I get a good grasp the table. Still annoying though.


New member
Nov 1, 2012
I've had a similar thing happen to me on Taxi (and I think other tables) on iOS. For me, if you enter the high score initials too fast, or keep hitting enter repeatedly after you enter the last letter, then TPA gets confused and conflates the high score screen with starting a new game and the score isn't saved. Granted, I'm on a different platform than you, so this might not apply and you may be dealing with a different bug.

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