Anyone got any outlane nudging tips


Nik Barbour

With one thing and another, I've only just gotten round to properly playing this table this week (Life in general, and being a bit addicted to BOP and FH).

Apart from the floaty feel (when the ball is moving without power under gravity), I'm really struggling with outlane drains (specifically the LH side).

I've seen some people posting how easy they find this table. I don't know if that is an ios specific thing, or the way I'm playing, but I'm finding it pretty tricky on Android.

I'm nudging aggressively to stay out of the outlanes, but does anyone have any gameplay tips how to keep it out of there or, for when the ball does get in there, and you get that 'time freeze moment' of, which ways it going to fall. Nudging in either direction just causes a richochet of the slingshot body which cant be controlled.

Thanks for any help guys.:cool:

Edit :- was one hit from unmasking voltaire just now - lh outlane again - man!
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Apr 23, 2012
I noticed on the latest IOS update they seem to have made this table much harder because drains in the side lanes very easily. I wish Farsight Studios would give us the ability to adjust the out lane posts so would not drain so easily.

Sean DonCarlos

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Mar 17, 2012
On the real table, you'd nudge toward the center and upward in an attempt to get the outlane wall to smack the ball back to the center. You have to get the ball to clear the sling or it'll just bounce off of it and back into the outlane. Unfortunately, none of the iOS/Android nudging options give you the control needed to make this work reliably...

Jim O'Brien

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Feb 28, 2012
Personally with this one having those outlane posts set to hard I find myself not nudging when the ball is headed for the outlanes, instead I flip the opposite flipper that the ball is headed for and I find that works better than a nudge. That's how I play pinball on all the tables try it and see if it works for you. Somehow I find it much easier to do on the left side than the right, the left side is easier to see though.

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