Bug - ball counter is advanced when nothing is hit


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Aug 29, 2014
I had posted this on Facebook some time ago. It was acknowledged and then seemingly forgotten.

The way tables like Big Shot were designed, if you launch a ball that hits absolutely nothing and drains, the machine is supposed to place it back by the plunger without the loss of the ball being registered.

The iOS version doesn't do that. If it hits nothing, the ball counter advances. Definitely a bug that should be addressed.

Chris Dunman

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Apr 11, 2012
Are you sure this is a bug as such? I seem to remember this coming up before yonks ago. The point at that time was made that it is correct to able to score sweet chuff all on a ball or two.

More than happy to be proved wrong though.....


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Feb 14, 2013
on all games that use a solenoid to feed the plunger, a ball plunged that hits no switches between plunge and drain gets returned. ALWAYS. this is protection against the ball feed solenoid misfiring.

games that use manual feed to bring the ball the the plunger have no such protection. Some Ems when you start the game it drops all 5 balls into a feeding tray, and yo manually bring them to the plunger lane by pushing a lever on the cabinet. these can and will stiff you completely

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