Bug Completion of first Circus round loads multiple balls in the plunger


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Mar 7, 2012
This has happened to me a few times. During the first round of joining the circus you get unlimited balls. If you finish the mode it kills the flippers and everything drains in anticipation of the next mode. If there was a ball in the plunger at the time about to be launched is stays. Then the next mode loads another ball but now there is two and the plunger does not have the power to put them in play. Calling attendant just adds a third ball and now it's impossible. This has wrecked more than a few high scores for me. Seems like the plunger lane should clear itself out before loading another ball. Not sure if that is a problem with the RL game itself or with the recreation.

John Shepherd

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Mar 29, 2012
Yep, I think I've had something related to this problem too... though I don't really know Cirqus Voltaire very well, so wasn't sure how far off "normal" gameplay the experience was was...

I was playing the iPad version (on an iPad 1) ... got to the "Unmask Voltaire" part of the game, which I seemed to be playing with a single ball. When the ball drained, the flippers froze, and nothing happened. A push on the "Call Attendant" button gave a message about the ball being repositioned, and a 15 second countdown began (it's the first time I've had the attendant option do _anything_ in pinball arcade!), after which two balls were fired out of the plunger ...but the flippers were still frozen. Balls drained, and the game ended.

I've avoided playing Cirqus since then; thought I'd wait and see if there was a bug needed fixing before investing too much time in the table.


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Apr 27, 2012
Yeah - I hadn't seen this bug in a while but it has reared it's head again. Damn shame too - I was joining the circus on ball 2 and was in position to have a great score. Couldn't tilt, and call attendant just left the plunger repeatedly trying to fire all 3 balls.

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