Diner... When?


Mar 25, 2013
Just played my first game and enjoyed it! The left ramp shot reminds me of High Roller Casino but I think I prefer this table. Can anyone give me a hint on what to do for the skill shot?

Yeah, really enjoying this one too. I had played a few games of it recently at a convention and recall enjoying it but didn't know the in's and outs of the table till now. But now that I've put some time in to it knowing what I'm doing it seems like a pretty great table with plenty to do. It moves fast but not lighting fast like HRC, which makes it more enjoyable to me. Plus I loved diners growing up so the theme has me too.

The two things that would make this table great for me is a left outlane kickback and a center post.

For the skillshot though you want to shoot at full plunge when 75K lights up on the jukebox.

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