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Jul 21, 2012
Having played the original dr. WHO extensively in TPA and real life (and liking the table a lot), I'm happy to report that I'm taking a liking to this original too. I'm not familiar with the TV series, so a lot of names and references probably get lost on me. I like the mix of original elements and extensive nods to the 1992 table. I do have some complaints:

- I get a nasty stutter quite often that leads to sudden accelerations of the ball (or so it seems, it's probably missed frames). It almost always happens when I shot 'W' and the ball comes through the right inlane. But it also happens during other gameplay. I have the feeling that it is related to some combination of intensive physics processing and a lot happening on the DMD too. iPad Air 2, iOS 10.0.2. I'll try updating to the latest iOS to see if that helps
- the table is somewhat on the dark side (no SW pun intended). Visibility is ok, and it may be in keeping with the theme?
- I like my tables as true to mechanical 'truth' as possible and the majority of toys and parts behave like that. Therefore, the MB figures (including Missy) are a bit jarring when they appear and move, too much video game stuff like Zen does.
- Reading the score from the DMD could be somewhat easier when seperated with points for millions etc.
- DMD could also be a bit more informative at some points, like displaying jackpots when scored. Also actually displaying the accompanying bonus when cycling through the villains (before selecting one).
- Minor story gripe: should the villains supply bonuses?
- I miss the video mode! Or is it hidden?

Loving the Dalek pop bumpers, the Tardis (doors), audio, flow on the table. Fun lane diverter on the left, looks a bit light-sabery to me but is probably a dr. Who prop or something? Still figuring out the MB part of the gameplay.

Nice job Farsight!


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Sep 27, 2015
I'm getting the annoying frame drops too on iPad Air 2 iOS 10.2 (up to date at the time of this post)

Other than that I'm enjoying this game.

In MB if the ball gets stuck behind the boss when he's on the right, when he moves left the released ball goes sdtm. Forced to nudge, which is tricky in MB.

Great write up. I agree on all points especially your point about mechanical 'truth'. The boss targets are cool, but couldn't behave like that on a real table. I guess I'm a pinball curmudgeon for finding this aggravating.

Gotta go yell at some kids to get the hell off my lawn now.
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