First impressions?


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Sep 22, 2012
nice post transfers but soft nudge appears way too powerful compared to a real machine - I doubt very much you can stop the ball falling off the flippers on a real machine. If FS tuned these out of the game then it would stop the marathon sessions.


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Feb 8, 2014

That's interesting. PC and Android leaderboards don't distinguish which system was used to post the score.

Regarding nudging - PC nudging can be analog (with a controller) or digital (with the keyboard). AFAIK vikingerik uses the keyboard, so his nudging on PC is the same as Android or iOS.


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Nov 6, 2013
AFAIK vikingerik uses the keyboard, so his nudging on PC is the same as Android or iOS.

This is correct. I was really struck by the amount of nudging Mark does in his video for LCA, and it sure seems like it would cause tilt warnings on PC. I gather that the nudges must be less than full strength using analog gamepad input.

I've recently had a discussion with VikingErik who confirmed the idea that on PC there are "soft nudges" possible

Not exactly. I've only heard secondhand that soft nudges are possible on PC TPA with analog input, I haven't tried myself (don't even have any gamepad to do so.) I think you're conflating that with something I pointed out about Pro Pinball, which does support gradiated nudging using the keyboard, by being extremely sensitive to the duration that the nudge key is pressed.

That's hard to say because it's unclear a. if all scores over all platforms are posted to the same leaderboards. Some have said that mobile has it's own leaderboards but I can clearly see PC scores there also (I know this because I know VikingErik plays only on PC).

iOS, Android, PC, and PS3 are all together, and shown on the web at Xbox 360 was always separate since Microsoft's backend doesn't talk to anything else. I'm not familiar with how PS4 and XB1 work.